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What to expect during your NJ Road test?

The NJ Road Test is the very last step for getting your probationary license. Knowing what to expect is one of the best ways to prepare for the driving test. In this article we'll go through everything you will be tested on and what the examiner expects from you.

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Starting your Vehicle Properly

Before driving you should always run a cockpit drill, this is one of the first things you will learn during your first driving lesson. The cockpit drill is very simple and only takes a few seconds. Start by adjusting your seat to what comfortably allows you to sit up right and be attentive to the road. Now look to adjust your rear and side view mirrors. Make sure to always wear your seat belt. The examiner will take notes on whether your seat belt is adjusted properly, if you're sitting in the proper position, and if your hands are holding the wheel correctly.

Driving Maneuvers/Mechanics

When the examiner is ready he will ask you to start driving, during this time you will be tested on a number of different driving maneuvers and mechanics such as turns, being able to properly stop your vehicle, and more. Below is a list of what vehicle controls maneuvers your examiner will expect you to know. Refer to the list and see if you have these driving skills mastered yet.

  • Making Smooth stops

  • Steering Correctly

  • Turning Your Vehicle Around (U-TURNS, K-TURNS)

  • Making turns correctly

  • Stopping completely at the correct times

  • Reverse driving

The driving test examiner will want to see that you have complete control of your vehicle. For example you will be tested on being able to make U-TURNS properly, the examiner will take notes on whether or not you’re employing the hand-over-hand technique. Hand-over-hand technique is part of being able to steer and control the vehicle correctly. This is part of every driving instructor's first driving lesson and is an essential technique to master.

Road Signs, Intersections, corners, and Yielding

During the road test, the examiner will put you in situations where you’ll have to navigate a corner, intersection, or yield to oncoming traffic. To prepare for this, you’ll want to ask yourself questions like 'if two drivers pull up to a 4-corner stop sign, who has the right of way?’ or ‘when do I yield to emergency vehicles?’. These situations referenced and more are in the driver's manual and are part of the knowledge test. The driver's manual can be viewed online. Refer to the list below and see if you have these driving skills mastered.

  • Yielding right-of-way in the correct circumstances

  • Correctly navigating intersections and corners

  • Following other vehicles at the proper distance

The idea of performing these maneuvers under such scrutiny can be very intimidating for some. However if you’ve practiced these maneuvers more than a handful of times with a licensed driver or driving instructor you’ll be more than ready for your upcoming road test.

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