The Head Driving Instructor

Chokri, owner and head driving instructor at Safe Roads Driving School, has been licensed to teach drivers education for 10+ years. Chokri founded Safe Roads Driving School on what he considered to be the most important driving school values:

to educate, serve, and lead by example. 


Working for a number of different driving schools throughout the last 10 years, Chokri witnessed his employers’ complete disregard for their students’ time and education. He understood that his driving school had to be different—he wanted to always put student drivers first. 

"Educate, serve, and lead by example."


All of our driving instructors are provided with the necessary resources and training to properly educate their students. 



All staff and driving instructors are here to help and educate you, and providing the best service is the only way we know how!



By ensuring that all driving instructors and staff preach and teach road safety, we can all become a pillar for safe driving. 


Safe Roads Driving School has 2 driving instructors , one speaks Spanish and the other speaks Arabic. If you would like to book a driving lesson, please call us at (201) 402-2008 or visit our booking page.

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