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Is the NJ Road Test difficult?

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

The NJ Road Test is not a difficult exam. It must be said that the range of difficulty a student has is mostly, if not entirely based on their behind-the-wheel experience. The behind the wheel experience a student has is a much different experience than taking the New Jersey Written exam. This is why having an instructor who is not only well-experienced at teaching but can also understand the student’s approach to the behind-the-wheel experience is a valuable asset to students who wish to have an easy road exam.

The NJ written driving test is the prerequisite for the student to get their driver's permit. A student can use the NJ drivers manual to study for their written exam. This exam must be passed with a score of 80% at minimum. Once the student has their permit, and if they're 16 years old they must complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel experience with a properly licensed NJ driving instructor. This behind-the-wheel experience is integral to the student being able to pass their road test.

New Jersey is ranked 19th in the nation for difficulty regarding the Drivers Exam. With 15 different road test locations, the range of difficulty may range from one testing site to another. This is why the behind-the-road experience a student has is the most important factor, a student must feel confident behind the wheel so that they may pass their driver’s exam. The NJ Road Test is the same across all 15 locations, the sites are designed to test students on many different skills that they are expected to be proficient in. These skills include but are not limited to:

  • Driving in reverse

  • Stopping at appropriate signs

  • Nearing corners or intersections

  • Stopping smoothly

  • Sitting properly

  • Turning around

  • Steering properly

  • Parallel parking

  • Yielding to right-of-way

Some students find parallel parking to be the hardest part of the road test. But every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Prior exposure to a student behind the wheel weakness will help the student to be more confident and to pass their driver’s exam. Some may find reversing or stopping smoothly to be their weakness, the driving instructor must be able to identify this weakness and help the student correct it before their NJ road test.

So the difficulty of the NJ road exam depends on many different factors, the best way a student can prepare for this exam is to make sure they book driving lessons with experienced driving instructors.

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Selim Sydney
Selim Sydney
10 janv. 2022

Chrokri is an excellent instructor

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