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  • How to locate a DMV near me?
    You can find the location of any DMV using the following webpage.
  • What services do you offer?
    Safe Roads Driving School offers behind the wheel driving lessons in Jersey city and car rental service for the road test in Newark, Lodi, Rahway DMV. To book visit our booking page or call us at 2014022008.
  • What car make/model do you use to provide driving lessons and road test service?
    Safe Roads Driving School provides all lessons and road test services in a 2018 Toyota Corolla. All vehicles are well maintained, equipped with a back up camera, and comply with all state licensing, registration, and insurance requirements.
  • What is the legal driving age in New Jersey?
    In order to get your driving permit in New Jersey the applicant must be a minimum of 16 years of age.
  • Do I need a permit to start taking driving lessons?
    Yes, all students will need a valid New Jersey driving permit before they can start taking driving lessons. A valid permit is not expired and shows that the student has successfully cleared the vision and knowledge test.
  • How do I get a driving permit in New Jersey?
    The process differs depending on the student's age. Please refer to the MVC webpage or the relevant FAQ category for more details. Refer to the 16 or 17+ FAQ catgerogy depending on your age.
  • How can a driving school help me get a driver's license?
    Students always ask us if they need a driving school to help them get a license, the answer is no, technically you don't (unless you’re 16 years old). The purpose of a driving school is to provide driver’s education and resources. All drivers can benefit from receiving a driving education, whether that is to learn how to drive or to reduce your monthly insurance cost. A driving school is licensed by the state of NJ to provide proper driver's education. Only practicing with an adult supervising driver can put you at a disadvantage. A certified and experienced driving instructor can set you up with proper skills for years of safe driving.
  • How many driving lessons do I need?
    This all depends on the students current driving skill level and the pace at which they learn/retain information. We have had some students (over 16) take one lesson and ace their test, while other students have taken more than 10 lessons and still struggle to retain information and form proper driving habits. Working on your driving skills on your own time can help you retain more information and pick up on driving much faster. This can be done by watching YouTube videos or reading up on topics related to driving
  • What time are driving lessons in Jersey City available?
    For the most part our driving instructors teach everyday (including weekends) in Jersey City from 8am - 4:30pm. Availability can differ depending on the driving instructor, we advise that you book at least 2 weeks in advance. Availability can be viewed on our booking page.
  • How much are driving lessons in Jersey City?
    Jersey City Driving Lessons are $65 (45 minutes per lesson) and $120 (90 minutes per lesson). Please visit our driving school services page for more information.
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  • How to get your driver's license in New Jersey?
    First you must make an appointment at your local DMV to purchase an initial permit paper. After that you will be able to schedule your knowledge test. The New Jersey knowledge test is made up of 50 questions covering a wide range of drivers ed topics. You can easily prepare for the NJ knowledge test by reading the NJ driver's manual and watching videos on YouTube. ​ Learn more about the Knowledge Test After passing your written test you can schedule your road test. NJ law requires that you book your road test for 6 months after passing your knowledge test or 3 months if you’re over 21. During that time you can start practicing with a driving instructor or experienced driver.
  • What documents to bring during your DMV visit?
  • Can I use your car for the road test?
    Yes you can book our car for your road test through the booking page. We currently go to Newark DMV, Lodi DMV, and Rahway DMV road testing centers. Our car is well maintained and equipped with a backup camera, and complies with all road test requirements.
  • How can a 16 year old get a driving permit in NJ?
    16 Year old students have a few options when trying to get their driving permit in NJ. The process can be done at an eligible High school or Driving School that offers the Written and Vision test. Otherwise 16 year olds must be accompanied by a driving instructor to the DMV.
  • What are the requirements for 16 year old drivers?
    NJ law requires that all 16 year olds receive 6 hours of behind the wheel before they can even take the road test. The 6 hours MUST be completed and validated by a driving school.
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