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What Parents/guardians can do to Help Instill Safe Driving Habits in Teen Drivers

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Dad and son playing with steering wheel in car
Stress to Teens and Children That Driving is a Privilege, Not an Entitlement

Most, if not all parents are familiar with the anxiety and fears surrounding their newly-licensed teen. However, navigating this new terrain does not have to feel like getting teeth pulled. One of the best ways to manage fears and anxiety in any situation is to be proactive about it.

Parents of first time drivers can be in control and proactive about their teen’s driving too. Throughout this article, we will review the process of how teens may become licensed drivers and a variety of ways in which parents can take an active approach in their teen’s driving journey.

New drivers who have just received a drivers permit after taking and passing a New Jersey learners permit test should only drive while supervised by a parent, guardian or driving instructor. Teens aged 16 must receive 6 hours of driving instruction from a certified driving school before taking their road test. New Jersey learners permits must be held for at least 6 months before obtaining a Probationary license. Once your teen has met all requirements to obtain a Probationary driver’s license, they must take a road test at a New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

During this process, parents and guardians of teen drivers should take an active role in their teen’s driving education. Parents of teens holding a permit should always accompany their teen while they are practicing how to drive. Parents should refrain from using electronic devices in the car, such as a cellphone, to demonstrate good driving habits to their young drivers. Fiddling with the radio in the car should also be discouraged as this could distract new drivers. Parents should also remind their teens of road rules while they are driving, such as making sure to make a full stop at every stop sign and to use turn signals when making any turns.

Once teens receive their probationary driver's license, there are active measures that parents can continue to take to enforce Probationary rules. Teens holding probationary drivers licenses cannot drive between the hours of 11 p.m. to 5 a.m., so parents should be in possession of the car keys during those restricted hours.

Probationary license holders must also not have more than one person in the car at a time who is not a dependent, therefore, parents should strictly enforce this and revoke car privileges if this rule is violated.

It is important to note that young, new drivers are more likely to be involved in fatal car accidents. For this reason, parents and driving school instructors alike should work together to ensure all new drivers are practicing safe driving habits on the road and enforcing all road rules in the New Jersey Driver's manual.

If you need driving lessons for your teen feel free to reach out to us. Safe Roads Driving School is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Our highly experienced driving instructors have 10+ years of driving instruction experience, will be able to ease the minds of parents/guardians of new drivers as they begin their driving journeys. Parents should always feel free to discuss concerns with the instructors of Safe Roads Driving school so they can work with you and your child to the best of their ability.

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